Fiverr Review: Premium Freelance services for entrepreneurs from $5

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Fiverr Review
  • July 12, 2017
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Fiverr Review: Premium Freelance services for entrepreneurs from $5

Are you tired of your regime job? Sick of listening to your boss?

No more of tedious regular jobs with Fiverr. Sit back and work from home as a freelancer and enjoy icing on the cake. No more of haggling. You just need to insert your rate for freelancing for particular job and the employer will assign a task with a specified time slot in which you have to complete your work.

What is Fiverr? How to make money from It

It is the dreamland for freelancers looking to work from home and make handsome money. It offers tasks and services starting at the cost of $5/job,  hence the name Fiverr. It initiated its operation in 2009 and now has become one of the recommended and preferable choice for freelancers & bloggers.

It has more than 3 million entrepreneurs associated with it and is building strong relationships with them by providing an easy resource to admire everyone on their platform. It sells 950+ services every hour.

Fiverr categories

Almost 5600 gigs get posted every day. With so many entrepreneurs associated, more than 30million projects are considered to be completed since 2010.
5 million websites and 1 million brands have been built in 2016, and in 2017 it has reached the pinnacle.

How Does Fiverr Work?

First you need to sign up and fill in all the necessary details about yourself. Now, that you have got your Fiverr account, you need to create a gig.  A gig is a small description about the service that you can provide your client at $5. Suppose you are a professional content writer then you could create a gig like this.

I am a content writer and will write more than 1000 words within 24 hours.

Many companies regularly need contents to be uploaded on their website. So, if any company or a person needs Article written then he/she will search through various Fiverr gigs and if your gig matches the requirement, then he/she will pay the specified amount to Fiverr and will hire you for that particular content writing job.

Once, you complete the content and upload it, your payment will be processed by Fiverr, and you will receive it in your account. But this is not over, once the client receives the job work done, he/she will give a feedback and rate you for the kind of service you provided.

If the customer’s rates you with a 5 star, it means he is gratified with your services and this rating will help you get more business and build a sense of trust in other clients. Not just the client, but even you could rate the customer who will provide an in-depth knowledge to other users.

Different kinds of gigs that could be created

You can create multiple Gigs. It should agree with the terms and conditions of the company. A gig should not be futile as it is the first thing that shows up, it should be justifiable, full of creativeness and sublime. Creating a gig should not be impulsive, take a deep breath and then crate it.

If the gig is attractive, then a job is inevitable…

There are multiple fields for which a gig could be created like Graphics & Design, Digital Marketing, Writing & Translation, Video & Animation, Music and Audio, Programming & Tech, Business, Fun & Lifestyle.

Pricing of the tasks on Fiverr:

It is not compulsory that all the gigs should start at $5. In some categories, the price could go beyond $5, but that depends on how fast a freelancer is ready to provide the service. Gig extras could be used for completing and delivering the tasks impulsive in the specified time duration. The price could go up to $1500 making it flexible for the buyer to contact you.

How does Fiverr makes money:


Like all the other freelancing portals, Fiverr also charges a minimum processing fee which is 2% or $1 of the total price. So, if the gig starts at $5, then a user has to pay $6. It sums up to 20% commission which is higher than other freelancing portals such as Upwork that charges only 10% commission. Bu this is not over yet, you have to pay withdrawal fees also. Fiverr charges a withdrawal fee of again 2% or $1 while withdrawing the amount.

Don’t worry. First-time users can use coupon code “MAXB20” to get 20% discount on their first order.

Pros for Buyers

  • All the gigs start at $5, which is very much affordable for anyone. So, if you are looking for quality service at a low price tag then Fiverr is much better than Upwork and other freelancing portals.
  • There are numerous gigs available to be chosen from.

Cons for a Buyer

  • If an order gets canceled, then the positive feedback is not reflected, although the amount gets reimbursed.
  • Sometimes, people buy a fake gig to increase their ratings & transactions and ask friends to rate a 5 star.
  •  Bloggers need to be very careful as the SEO services are full of spam which will create backlinks and hinder the SEO of your website.

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Fiverr is always a great source to get tasks done in the lesser amount. We all need lots of work done, and it is always better to outsource it to a guaranteed company instead of hiring a long-time freelancer for it.

I have been using Fiverr to outsource a lot of work like Logo Designing, SEO services, Graphics Designing, Video voice overs and translation work. You can visit this Fiverr coupons section to get all latest working Fiverr coupons which enable maximum savings.

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Over to you:

Fiverr is a fantastic place where you get paid for your creativity and have fun at work. Although there are some cons for a buyer or a seller (always associated with other freelancing sites), Fiverr could be considered as a remarkable place to work as a freelancer and earn a livelihood. If you have collaborated with other freelancing sites, then do try once here and then compare the pros and cons for yourself.

I hope this Fiverr Review was knowledgeable and will help you as a freelancer or buyer.

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