GoDaddy In Depth Web Hosting Review and Features

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GoDaddy In Depth Web Hosting Review and Features

GoDaddy is the most popular name worldwide when it comes to domain registration. With the largest domain registrations in the world GoDaddy is now emphasizing on its hosting services also.

$1 Godaddy Web Hosting is one of the most selling  shared hosting plan. Here in this post we will share and discuss GoDaddy shared hosting plans and GoDaddy in depth reviews and features..

Following are the points to be discussed in this post

  • GoDaddy shared web hosting features
  • Different Godaddy Web Hosting Plans
  • Godaddy Web Hosting in depth
  • Godaddy Web Hosting Support
  • GoDaddy Expert Over View on Web Hosting Package
  • Different User Reviews

Godaddy provides exciting offers for its customers worldwide. GoDaddy is always known for its quality web hosting services and therefore is the preferred choice of many customers. Now let us see GoDaddy web hosting reviews 2017

Godaddy Web Hosting Review & Features

We have listed here some of the most exclusive GoDaddy web hosting reviews and features here with in depth analysis and expert options.

Super Fast Setup – GoDaddy setup is quite easy and fast. With simple steps you can setup your username and password.

Multiple Location Servers – We already know that GoDaddy has its servers in three different continents which make a lot of difference. Other companies have servers only in USA but GoDaddy beats everyone. GoDaddy provides different locations depending on where the user belongs to.

The user can select the specific country that he/she belongs to and get exciting coupon codes to purchase any hosting plan.

GoDaddy data center locations

Massive Storage – The basic GoDaddy hosting plan comes with 100GB storage followed by other high plans that provides unlimited storage capability.

Instant Upgrade – Whenever you feel like upgrading your resources,  you can get it done instantly.

Low-Cost Addons – With many more exciting features GoDaddy provides all this at low cost but doesn’t compromise on quality service, quality is 100% assured.

Hosting +Free Domain – With Godady hosting you are saving your cost for domain, as Godaddy is currently running a special promo in which they are offering free top level domain with every hosting plan with annual billing. You can get free domain from .co, .net, .in, .co, .org,, etc..

Powerful Resources – If you traffic increases by a ton and you need to upgrade your plan, You can easily upgrade resources in a single click on your cpanel and pay very minimal  cost for the extra resources apart from your plan

For startups, GoDaddy economy plan is best suited as this plan is cheap and provides all the basic features for a startup.

For professionals, GoDaddy ultimate plan is the best as in this plan get unlimited storage capacity and more unlimited features. All these plans can be redeemed by using GoDaddy coupon and promo code given here.

Godaddy web Hosting Plans & Pricing

As we said before that GoDaddy takes care of its customers everywhere around the world hence GoDaddy offers different hosting packages depending upon the country. Like for USA customers GoDaddy offers three hosting packages whereas four hosting packages are provided for Indian customers. Here, we will discuss three hosting packages that GoDaddy offers for its USA customers.

Godaddy web hosting plans

GoDaddy has been consistently offering three different shared web hosting packages with best in quality service. They are listed below:

Godaddy Economy Web Hosting – This is the cheapest GoDaddy hosting plan and also the most popular one. The original price for economy plan was $4/mo but with GoDaddy trying to attract more customers towards its hosting services this plan has been reduced with special discount to $1/mo. This is a special plan wherein you get GoDaddy best hosting  at $1/mo and along with it a free domain name. This plan is best for running a single website valid for one year. Later the plan can be renewed by  using GoDaddy renewal coupon code for some discount.

Godaddy Delux Hosting Plan– If you a blogger and want to run more than one website then this plan is best suited for you. The price for this plan is $5/mo but with limited features compared to ultimate web hosting plan.

Ultimate Web Hosting Package – This is the most powerful web hosting plan offered by GoDaddy. This plan not just offers unlimited storage, websites and bandwidth but also offers SSL certificate for complete one year and also auto backup option to save the data in case the website goes down.

How to Setup Godaddy Web Hosting?

Here we will go through the steps required to configure GoDaddy shared web hosting package. We usually get an email from GoDaddy that contain login credentials.

Step 1 – You first need to select the product from GoDaddy product page that lists all the GoDaddy products and services. After selecting the desired hosting plan, click on Manage button.


Step 2 – Once the hosting plan has been selected, this will take you to the next page where you have you select a domain name. You can select your purchased domain name or free domain combined with hosting offer to setup your website for the first time.


Step 3 – Now you have to select the data center. GoDaddy provides three data center that are Asia, Europe and North America.

Step 4 – Now configure the login details for Cpanel. You have to enter any username and password twice to setup Cpanel and you can access cpanel anytime by visiting to manege your website.


Step 5 – After Cpanel login, you will be asked if you want to install a WordPress in your account or not. Clicking on Yes will take you to the next step. Here, we consider it as NO.

Now it will take few seconds to complete the process and your web hosting is ready. So by using some graphical images we showed how to setup an account for GoDaddy web hosting in quite simple steps.

In less than 5 min the account can be setup which is one of the fastest processes that you will ever come across. So, buying and setting up a web hosting at GoDaddy has now been made very easy by our step by step guidelines.

Cpanel Overview of Godaddy Shared Web Hosting

GoDaddy provides the popular Cpanel by WHM.  It comes with custom themes and all the important features. In just $1 web hosting you can get such a powerful and quality service.


So we can see that GoDaddy is attracting people all around the world by providing exciting hosting packages suitable for different users. Also, GoDaddy provides coupon codes which can be used to get discounts on higher hosting packages and save some extra bucks.

Godaddy Support review:

You can get GoDaddy telephonic support by calling Godaddy  round the clock. The best thing is they offer local language support in each country. There is a complete list of helpline numbers for specific countries. In less than 5 mins you will be connected to the technical support staff and get all your issues resolved.

Godaddy Chat Support –Godaddy have also launched their instant live chat support with technical team, So if you are not comfortable with call, you can initiate live chat with their support team from your account and things resolved instantly.

Godaddy Web Hosting Review

We took a lot of time for reviewing GoDaddy web hosting plans.

Godaddy Support – We couldn’t explore this section much as some update is going on. But for now we give 4 out 5 and will update our reviews after complete testing has been done.

Godaddy Web Hosting Features – For this section we would give 4.5/5 for its exciting features. GoDaddy provides hosting Opcache which helps to speed up the performance. Also there are many features that helps bring traffic to the website across the world. We definitely recommend GoDaddy hosting plans to all the users.

Godaddy Linux Web Hosting Pricing – The prices offered by GoDaddy for shared web hosting are unbeatable and affordable. With the basic plan starting at only $1/mo (using Godaddy discount coupon) and then goes up to $8/mo and then you can get discounts by using special coupon codes.

Other Important Factors – GoDaddy Economy plan outperforms all the other hosting plans provided by other hosting companies. Also, the 30 day money back guarantee has been claimed by many users in the middle of the contract. The prices at GoDaddy are very much affordable.

We recommend everyone to use GoDaddy economy shared web hosting plan for startup as it is cheap and as we know that there is limited traffic when we start a website. So this package is definitely worth saving your money. Once you get receiving more traffic then you can switch to the deluxe or ultimate plan.

So this was our GoDaddy in depth web hosting reviews and features for 2017. If you have any doubts or want to share your experience, please shoot us comments below. Do not forget to check out this all Godaddy web hosting coupons to save upto 87% on total bills.


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