How to Migrate Your WordPress site from Shared Hosting to Cloudways

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  • November 12, 2017
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How to Migrate Your WordPress site from Shared Hosting to Cloudways

Are you tired of poor downtime with your WordPress site? If you want a better hosting platform that offers zero downtime and 99.9% uptime guaranteed then switch your WordPress site to Cloudways.  Cloudways offers fast, reliable and powerful hosting  with ultra-fast speed and excellent gamut of features. But the question is how to migrate WordPress site to Cloudways?

Here are simple steps to get your whole WordPress website migrated to cloudways platform in simple clicks without doing a single technical stuff. We have also shared Cloudways coupon to get  $30 worth free credits  instantly.

Migrating your WordPress site has become easy with Cloudways WordPress Migrator Plugin. In this post, we will discuss the steps required to migrate your WordPress site to Cloudways and feel tranquility. The plugin provided by Cloudways is not just for WordPress but can also be used for WordPress Multisite or Woo-Commerce based sites.


The very first step required in migration process is installation of the plugin. To install the plugin, first login to your site’s admin panel. While creating a WordPress account you must have entered a username and password.


Once, you open the admin panel, login using your existing WordPress username and password. Click on Login and the WordPress dashboard will pop up.


Step2: On the left hand side of the dashboard, click on the plugins menu and then click on Add New option. In the search box, enter the name Cloudways WordPress Migrator and hit the Enter key.

Step3: From the search results find the Cloudways Migrator Plugin and click on Install Now. This will install the plugin on your site on 1-click. Now click on activate your plugin to initiate live migration.


Step5: The plugin will be displayed in the installed apps. Now click on the settings button to initialize the migration process and enter the required information.

Step6:  Once you are on plugin settings page, A new page will open where you will have to enter the below mentioned details correctly.

  • Enter any existing email address or create a new one instantly and then enter it.
  • Enter the URL of your destination site which is to be hosted using Cloudways server.
  • Enter the name of your Application folder which can be found in the Application Management Tab. In the Application Management Tab click on Applications and select the respective app from the list displayed in front of your computer screen. Next, click on the Application settings option and you can locate the folder name that you were looking for. If you want to rename the folder name then click on edit icon and enter a name that you wish to.
  • Enter the IP address of your server.
  • Next you need to enter the SFTP username and password which you can find in the server tab or if you are a part of the team then you can use the application credentials. The sFTP username and password is your Master username and password.
  • At the bottom of the page you will find a button Migrate. Finally, Click on this button to start the migration process from WordPress to Cloudways.


Step7: Now relax, no more clicking needed. Just wait for the migration process to be completed. Do not press any button or refresh button. The time required for completing the migration process can vary from 1 hour to 4 hours if your site has less data with DB ranging from 500MB to 1GB. You can also cancel the migration if you want to by clicking on Cancel Migration button.

Once, the migration process is completed, it will show the status as Migration Completed. To ensure that the migration has been completed successfully, open the new website URL and see for yourself.

To make your website live with Cloudways follow the below steps:

Before you proceed with any of the steps make sure that your WordPress apps is deployed with Cloudways server and that your email add-on is setup to ensure outgoing of emails. And finally make sure that the DNS records have been pointed towards Cloudways server. Do remember that every Cloudways account comes along with one free managed migration. So you can also get this all process by their team, bnut its better to do it yourself so you learn. :P.

The process to take your site live is explained in the below toddler steps. These are as follows:

Step 1: The very step is to login to your Cloudways account and note the IP address of the server where your desired web application is deployed.

Step 2: To select the respective target application from the list click on the www adjacent to the IP address on the right side of the page.


Step 3: To point your domain to Cloudways server, click on the Domain management section under the Application Management tab. The first method to point your domain name is to map a primary domain so that Cloudways knows the site to which it has to respond. Enter your website name starting with www and ending with the extension that you must have chosen.


Finally click on Save Changes button. The second is additional domains that you can set anytime if you have multisite website and want to map different domains to subsites. But always keep your main domain under the Primary Domain section.wyas

Step 4: Create a proper DNS Record specifically A record in your DNS provider panel. The steps for other domain registrars are as follows:

  • On cloudways Under the Domain Management section or Advanced Settings section, select the domain name that you want to update.
  • Log in to your domain name registrar’s DNS control panel.
  • From the drop down list choose A record and fill up the details like Host/Name, IP address of your server and TTL which you can choose as default. Click on Save Changes button. Host is the first part before the dot in your domain name and TTL is a propagation time which should be kept to a least value of 1 minute.
  • It takes almost 24 hours for the changes to take effect depending upon the domain registrar.
  • Whoosh! Finally your website is live and running with Cloudways server.

Reasons to Choose Cloudways for hosting your WordPress website: 

Cloudways offers ultra-fast, reliable and super quality cloud hosting services. The features inculcated with the hosting package are impeccable. Following highlights explain why Cloudways is the best Cloud hosting provider in the world and should be chosen without any doubt in mind.

• Choose any cloud infrastructure from Amazon, Google, Vultr, Kyup and DigitalOcean and deploy your server on 1-click.

• Robust infrastructure with avant-garde technologies. The data centers are located in more than 25+ locations around the world with 100% uptime guaranteed.

• 1-click 10+ PHP apps and Plain PHP available.
• Pay as you go by choosing the right hardware configuration with dedicated RAM, CPU, SSD and a unique IP.

• SSD storage offers blazing fast website loading without letting your customers wait for a long time for the page to be loaded.
• Get real-time insights with Cloudways Smart Bots.

• Setup automatic backup hourly or weekly and restore your data on 1-click.
• Powerful servers ensure that the candle the landslide of traffic every day.
• Map your domains quickly and efficiently.
• Assign specific roles to your team members for smooth functioning using team collaboration.
• Cloud console makes it simple to change the server settings manually anytime you want.
• Free SSL certificate with automatic installation.
• Your website will be hosted 100 times faster than others with ThunderStack servers.
• Varnish, Memcached, Apache, Nginx, PHP-FPM and an optional Redis.
• 24/7/365 techies residing inside the cloud environment, calm and relaxed.

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Cloudways Migration: Effective or Not?

Indeed migrating your WordPress site from other hosting providers to Cloudways is beneficial as it inculcates amazing features and ensure clutter free website. Most of the features can be accessed on 1-click making it easy for you to run your website hassle free. The servers are powerful and offer thunderbolt speed with zero downtime and an extra layer of security is added to ensure the protection of yours and your client’s data. It is worth migrating your site to Cloudways and embrace the clouds.

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