Latest GoDaddy Dedicated IP Coupon Codes August 2019: Save up to

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GoDaddy dedicated IP Coupon

Latest GoDaddy Dedicated IP Coupon Codes August 2019: Save up to

If you have a small website, then a shared IP will work for you. But if you have a large dedicated website with SSL encryption or a tsunami of traffic then you need a unique Dedicated IP or Static IP to handle an enormous amount of traffic. There are many reasons to opt for a dedicated IP address:

Benefits of GoDaddy Dedicated IP Address:

  • A unique IP address gives to direct access to your website using FTP or a web browser.
  • When it comes to updating your DNS, then your site becomes unavailable for at least 24-48 hours. Due to this, you cannot make any changes to your website.
  • But having a unique IP address allows you to make the changes by directly typing your Dedicated IP address into your browser and access all the files.
  • To make your site fully secured, you need SSL certificates and SSL certificates require a Dedicated IP. With an SSL certificate, your visitors will be redirected through an encrypted connection.
  • But with GoDaddy, you won’t need a dedicated IP if you have already purchased in the Shared hosting account.

List of GoDaddy Dedicated IP coupon Codes August 2019:

At first click on “Show code” button on the right sidebar to activate this deal or click on preferred coupon button below.

CJCRMN35 – Flat discount up to 40% off on GoDaddy Dedicated IP address

AFW33SUK – Save up to 33% off purchase of a new GoDaddy Dedicated IP address

CJCFW33 GoDaddy Dedicated IP maximum savings up to 35% off. Offer valid only for new users.

You can try any of the coupon codes and avail flat discount up to 40% off on GoDaddy Dedicated IP at the checkout.

Advantages of using a Dedicated IP:

  • Obviously, Dedicated IP’s are more secure than shared ones. If you have hundreds of domain names, then the IP will be shared among other domains and if any of the domain names has some issue then it will result in a disaster for other domains also.
  • Dedicated IP eliminates the drawback of a spam email when sharing your IP with other users.
  • It boosts the search engine ranking as your domain with unique IP will not be associated with other domains.

How to add a Dedicated IP to shared hosting account OR purchase a new one?

If you already have a shared hosting account at GoDaddy, simply login to your account and click on Web hosting. Select the account you want to work with and from the customize tab buy a new Dedicated IP or add an existing one. It will take 24-48 hours to activate your hosting account.

To purchase a new Dedicated IP, go to the account manager, click on hosting and servers and select Dedicated IP. Choose for how long you want a Dedicated IP and then proceed to checkout. If you pre-pay for the same service length on your shared hosting account then you won’t need to worry about forgetting to renew your IP.

How to use GoDaddy Coupon Codes for Dedicated IP?

  • Go to the hosting and servers tab and select Dedicated IP on the GoDaddy website.
  • Select the term for which you want a Dedicated IP. You can select monthly or yearly term
  • On the right-hand side, it will show the subtotal amount and below that, you will find the option ‘Have a promotional code?’
  • Click on the add button and paste the coupon code from this site and click on Proceed to checkout.
  • The discount will be automatically applied at the checkout.
  • Fill up your personal details and proceed for payment using any Credit/Debit cards or any wallets.

Make your Choice:

GoDaddy is the big daddy when it comes to domain registration. It provides the cheapest domains free along with a hosting package. But it’s Dedicated IP comes along with SSL certificate, so you don’t have to buy a separate Dedicated IP.

Due to all the advantages associated with a Dedicated IP, it is recommended that you purchase a new one at GoDaddy and remove the drawbacks that are associated with a shared IP. GoDaddy SSL certificate is one step to protect your information and make your site encrypted. And with a Dedicated IP along with an SSL certificate is like icing on the cake.

So, grab the deal and protect your domains from unwanted issues caused by a shared IP.

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