Godaddy SSL coupon August 2019 : Get 40% discount on all SSL certificates 

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Godaddy SSL coupon August 2019 : Get 40% discount on all SSL certificates 

Are you looking to buy a cheap SSL certificate for securing your website or WordPress blog? Here GoDaddy SSL coupon is offering a maximum discount of 40% on all SSL certificates purchased at GoDaddy.

So it’s the best time to secure your website and domain with SSL premium SSL certificate as it also increases your SEO ranking simultaneously.

The Godaddy SSL discount coupon for August 2019 enables you to get 40% instant discount on all plans. Click on the show code button at right sidebar to activate the offer.

GoDaddy SSL Review:  Should you buy ??

Godaddy is most trusted SSL certificate provider int he worlds. SSL certificates secure your vital information such as customer data, credit card info, and encrypt all data transferred between your server and end-user browsers. There are numerous SSL providers scattered over the web, but very few of them offers excellent price, service & superior support.

Godaddy SSL certificate plan includes:

  • SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption – the strongest on the market
  • Protects unlimited servers
  • Unlimited free reissues
  • 47/7 best security & support
  • Boost Google search ranking
  • Up to $1M liability protection
  • Compatible with all major browsers
  • Displays a Security Seal (padlock) on your site
  • 30-day money back guarantee.

Types of SSL certificates at Godaddy

Godaddy offers different kinds of SSL certificates depending upon your requirement; they are as follows:

Domain validation: This is the basic level SSL certificate, which is sufficient for all types of websites, WordPress blogs, portals. Of all SSL certificates available in the market, Domain validation certificate is most famous and most selling. T helps in checking for fraud URLs and database spoofing cases and is therefore quite popular with email domain owners. Hence Domain validation cert is used in validating the domain and enabling HTTPS:// and a green sign in the address bar, which also builds the trust to your users.

Buy Domain validation certificate in 40% Discount.

Organization Validation (OV): OV SSL cert enables you to show your customers your site is safe and legitimate. If you have an informational non eCommerce website, OV SSL certificate is all you need. It boosts your credibility by confirming the authenticity of your business. It displayed a green PPadlockin the visitors’ address bar, letting them know it’s safe to submit passwords, contact information & credit card details.

Any website protected by Organization validation certificate displays a small padlock and HTTPS prefix before visitor’s address bar. TI helps you boost SEO ranking and provide trust to your visit so they can submit any sensitive details with full confidence.

Extended Validation (EV): This is an extended validation certificate which not only checks the authentication but also takes care of OV and DC arena. It enables you to safeguard the payment and increase sales. Extended validation certificate is the highest class of SSL certificate available on the internet. You get a high visibility green address bar, which makes your visitors instantly feel safe. If you are running an eCommerce portal or want to accept payment online, EV is the best certificate all you need.


GoDaddy SSL Coupon – August 2019

Click on the show code button on the right sidebar to reveal exclusive GoDaddy SSL coupon and buy an SSL certificate for your domain in a 40% discount.

Godaddy issues SSL certificates within minutes after a successful purchase, So you do not have to wait for hours for manual activate, unlike other providers.

Steps to redeem Godaddy SSL certificate coupon

At first, click on show code button on the right sidebar  or visit unique offer link below

Activate Godaddy SSL Certificate 40% OFF Offer

  • Select any SSL certificate of your requirement and click on “Add to cart”
  • On the shopping cart, the maximum discount will automatically get applied, As we have already enabled coupon code in the link
  • Alternatively, you can paste coupon code on checkout page & click apply.
  • Then click on proceed towards payment and log in with your Godaddy account or create a new account in 10 seconds.
  • Pay the final amount, and your SSL certificate is ready to use instantly.


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Why SSL is the best practice for secure website?

Gone are the days when SSL used to be a tough job to implement on a website? Now every domain registrar and web hosting company is offering SSL at drastically low prices. It is because of browsers are now showing “Not secure” sign on the website which is not HTTPS-enabled. Even google search offers a ranking factor to SSL enabled sites, so why should we leave behind?

There are so many SSL providers, and even one can get Free Self signed SSL certificate by LetsEncrypt, but it again comes with a limitation, and hence it is always better to grab a premium domain-level SSL cert by world’s leaders GoDaddy using discount coupons to save more.

Let’s conclude:

Enjoy Godaddy SSL coupon for August 2019 with 40% instant discount. It is always better to install SSL certificates and make your site HTTPS as lots of browsers are showing “NOT SECURE” warning to non-https sites and Google has also stated that https is a ranking factor.

SSL not only helps you to build secure, build trust with your visitors but it also enhanced search engine ranking as Google have considered HTTPS to be a ranking factor. Nowadays browsers like Google Chrome have also started to show “NOT Secure” on a website where SSL isn’t installed. So if you are still using HTTP:// then you lack your visitor’s trust and even SEO.

Install cheapest SSL certificates now from GoDaddy to save maximum bucks on website security.

Stay tuned with TrickyCoupon for more exciting Web hosting deals and coupons. It is always better to secure your website or APP by using an encrypted certificate, so you are still protected from online attackers, Get boosts in search engines rankings and build trust in your visitors with a cheapest SSL certificate from GoDaddy.

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