LastPass Promo Codes August 2019 – Simplify your Digital Life with LastPass

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LastPass Promo codes

LastPass Promo Codes August 2019 – Simplify your Digital Life with LastPass

Tired of losing/forgetting your passwords? How fascinating would it be to get a vault where you could keep all your passwords safe and secure! Once the passwords are saved, you can access all these passwords whenever you need them. This is your last chance to get a tool that keeps your passwords safe at a discounted price. Get LastPass promo codes for August 2019 with highest savings offers and feel tranquility.

LastPass provides a simple and effective solution to access your passwords from any application, file or folder. You just need to remember the master password for logging in to the software and all the other passwords will be at the right place. Let us check the process to use LastPass to manage your passwords in one place.

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About LastPass:

LastPass is a creation of LogMeIn that believes in providing meaningful solutions for making the daily tasks more manageable. It has more than 200 million customers taking benefit from its password remembering tool LastPass. If you have multiple passwords for different apps and find it difficult to remember each one of them, then LastPass is the #1 premium password protector that keeps all your passwords in a safe vault with only one master password to be remembered.

lastPass Featurres

LastPass features at a glance: 

  • Store your passwords in one place with unbreakable security and organize it the way you like it.
  • As you keep browsing, the passwords for those particular sites are saved automatically so next time you visit those sites; you won’t have to enter the passwords manually.
  • Unlimited logins can be saved and switched.
  • Run LastPass on any device, all the passwords are synched automatically on any device.
  • Generates random passwords that are strong and firewall protected.
  • Automatically creates and remembers a new password when registering on any website. That saves a lot of time!
  • Find passwords that are weak and vulnerable. Hackers can easily hack such passwords hence it is essential to keep them updated safe from the bad guys.
  • Hassle free change of passwords on 1-click.
  • You can share passwords with your family members and upon completion, restrict the access. In the premium plan, you can share with up to 5 people.
  • Organize your Wi-Fi passwords, keep notes for health insurance, license, etc.
  • If you are crazy about online shopping, then you can make profiles for your credit/debit card and the shipping address so next you want to shop anything you won’t have to type the details.

How LastPass Works?

You need to follow some toddler steps, and the rest will be done by LastPass automatically. Follow the steps mentioned below and forget the days of menace…

LastPass Premium

Step1: The first and foremost step is to install the browser extension of LastPass. or download its app on Windows, Mac, iOS or Android. This will allow you to save and access your passwords. Once you download It, you will see the LastPass button in the top right corner of the browser.


By clicking on this button, you can log in to LastPass every day. And if you are worried about the browser then It ensures that it can run on any browser. You can get the extension for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc.

Step2: The next step is to create an Free account . This requires you to set a master password just once, and the rest will be taken care. Since it is the master password, hence it should be something that you can remember easily. A master password is a key to all the other passwords so don’t make a mistake. A master password can be related to the color of your favorite curtain, a poem that you usually recite with your child or anything that you use every day.

Step3: There’s a lot to explore in LastPass. It is a wonderland where there’s nothing to forget but to add.  You can fill the vault as much as you want, there’s no limit to adding. Adding sites doesn’t require you take efforts and do it manually instead LastPass has other ways of adding it. It can save sites when you log in, import sites from your email account or other password managers. For every site, you can save a different and a secure password which can be generated randomly to keep the bad guys at bay. Every time you log in to LastPass, your login credentials will be filled automatically.

LastPass could be used on any device and if you are worried about saving all the passwords again when using a new device then forget the pain. It automatically syncs all the passwords on any device you use anytime.

Steps to Avail LastPass coupon codes August 2019

  • Click on the Discount button and wait for the site to be redirected to the official site of LastPass.


  • Enter your name, email address, contact no., etc.
  • Click on Create Enterprise Trial and start using it free for 14 days.
  • For upgraded version, click on Go Premium
  • Select the plan that suits your requirement. If you are using for your personal use then select Personal Plan and for business purpose select the Business Plan.
  • Click on Buy Now or Go Premium
  • Create a new account with LastPass
  • Enter email address and a master password and start saving your passwords.

Forget the pain to remember passwords – LastPass is the #1 Password Remembering Tool

LastPass is an excellent tool for those who find it difficult to remember the passwords for different site login, files, applications, documents, etc. It is a top secret place where all the passwords can be kept by remembering only one master password. enjoy LastPass coupons to save maximum on your productivity tools expenses.

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Don’t be the Last Person on the Earth to lose all your passwords. Open the safe vault and access your stored passwords with LastPass.

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